About me

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland, College Park.

I am working with Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos and Cornelia Fermüller at Perception and Robotics Group.

My research intereses is on the intersection of vision and robotics, with a focus on Geometry and Motion based Vision and Physics-based Vision for robots.

Besides working at the school, I did a summer internship as a Robotics Software Engineer at Brain Corp, San Diego, CA, worked on the projects related to the real-world mobile robotic applications deployed in Walmart and Sam’s club.

During my master’s study I worked with Prof. Pratap Tokekar on using Reinforcement Learning in Multi-agent System research.

Please see my Pubications and Projects pages for more details about my work.

Here are some examples of problems in Geometry and Motion based Vision and Physics-based Vision that I am trying to solve in my PhD.

1. Physics-based Vision:

A problem can be categorized into Computational Images + Robotics . Can we find a better eye design for mobile robot such that it can improve the performance for a specific robotic task (like Navigation).

Note that this problem is more fundamental than just optimizing the post-processing neural network which act on the images like in most vision problems. I want to do it before the image is formed from the physical world (improving the Imaging step), which is before the post-processing step for the fundamental performance improvement to the vision model (and thus the down-stream robotic task) in its input not during the post-processing.

2. Geometry and Motion based Vision:

The bio-inspired Neuromorphic camera, Event Camera, provides us a new way of vision that only record the motion information (events) and with low-latency (high time resolution) and high dynamic range feature. This is an example of using this motion information from event camera to do the vision tasks like human detection